cmha kelowna's workplace training and advising services are currently on hiatus

Thank you to our workplace clients and partners for your many years of support. In the meantime, we encourage you to reach out to the CMHA BC Division who can help direct your request.
You can also complete our free Intro. to Mental Health at Work course. This virtual, 45-minute course providing foundational information about mental health, the role of the workplace, plus how and why employers should promote well-being throughout their organization. It is a great starting point on the road to a psychologically safe and health workplace. Click here to enroll in this free course now.
There are free community education courses are available through Discovery College Kelowna.  These courses are for anyone and everyone who wants to gain the confidence to face life’s challenges. Our courses are created to support your well-being through learning. Click here to find out more about Discovery College Kelowna.
For additional, sector-specific workplace articles and webinars, you can also visit BC’s Hub for Workplace Mental Health.